Greetings, Citizens.

Our multi-PvP events continue to be a success, so we’ll keep organising them. However, attendance is very variable at times, so we would like you to fill in this survey to see if we can come up with a different time or day to get an even bigger crowd.

We’ll be playing a mix of Star Marine and Arena Commander.

Date : Februari 2nd

Time :

20:45 Australian Eastern Time zone

20:45 Central European Time Zone

20:45 Eastern Time Zone

We’ve opened dedicated channels on our teamspeak server
Teamspeak address:
No password required for the dedicated channels
You can download the teamspeak client for free at
Be aware that we require users to set up a push-to-talk-button.
Commander comms will be set up.
We will have a common room and separate rooms per org.
Please be on TS ten minutes before the start of the event.

Feel free to stream to your heart's desire. We would appreciate it if you would add following message to your stream:
“If your organisation would like to participate in these PvP events, please leave a message for DrZombie at”

Black Widow Company.